Why you can’t avoid modern interior design

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Retail has made interior design a crucial tool for creating appealing and memorable environments. In a fiercely competitive industry, especially to compete with online shopping, retail stores must offer customers something unique and attractive that they cannot experience through a screen. This can be achieved through interior design, which can have a significant impact on customers, influencing their mood, behavior, and perception of the brand, ultimately affecting their purchasing decisions. In this blog, we explain why modern interior design is so important and provide additional tips on how to give your business the finishing touch.

Why is modern interior design so important?

To generate sales, stores must attract customers with more than just unbeatable deals and fantastic service. Interior design plays a crucial role in inspiring customers. The spaces, decor, and furniture of a store should clearly convey the goal and purpose of the business.

While online shops have gained popularity in recent years, retail stores hold a special place. After all, customers can interact with the products there before making a purchase. So, you should offer customers some kind of experience to entice them into the store or encourage them to make a purchase. This is where store design ideas come into play. They ensure that stores remain an experience that appeals to the senses.

Reasons why investing in modern interior design pays off

Attracts Attention:

As most stores are located in shopping centers, interior design is particularly important. With so many stores, you need to compete for the attention of customers by enticing them to enter your store. So, what can you do to stand out from your competitors in the market?

Modern interior design is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of passersby. It’s not about using loud and bright colors but being unique and interesting enough to capture people’s interest.

Although people usually enter stores because of the products, a beautiful interior design of the store can also attract customers‘ attention. You can draw attention to your store through its shop windows by showcasing the most popular products of the month or by telling a story and evoking emotions with a brand presentation.

Guide Your Customers:

Imagine being in a store where everything is disorganized and without structure. Now, imagine being in a store where everything is organized and orderly. Which would you prefer?

The interior design of a store is more than just the appearance of your business; it helps the customer navigate and creates a pleasant shopping atmosphere. If your customers have a pleasant shopping experience in your store, they are more likely to leave a good impression, make a purchase, and recommend the store.

Offer your customers a simple and planned path through your store, ensuring there is enough space to effectively display and present your products.

Captivate Your Customers:

The atmosphere, colors, lighting, music, and even the smell of your store all contribute to a good store layout. All these elements have a significant impact on how customers feel in your store and can even contribute to whether they make a purchase or not.

Well-designed interior decoration with the right ambiance will provide customers with an experience that they will always associate with your brand. The interior design of your store, in a way, reflects the identity and image of your brand. It can represent the brand, so you should really think about how to showcase it.

For example, warm lighting, muted interiors, and a pleasant, light scent can evoke a sense of luxury. With bright interior design and neutral furniture, you can create a cozy atmosphere, while cool pastel colors like green and blue can create a refreshing mood. Even mirrors can have a long-lasting, memorable effect.

Modern Interior Design – Mirror Film

Since mirrors can sometimes be challenging to integrate into interiors, FLEXMIRROR® has found a solution – mirror film.

The FLEXMIRROR® consists of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a mirror film. It has an almost 100% distortion-free reflection. The frame is invisible on the finished mirror, made from a hollow profile, allowing the optimal mounting solution for the respective location to be invisibly attached. For large areas, it is sometimes necessary to mount several mirrors side by side. The specially designed invisible frame construction makes it possible for the blending of multiple mirrors to be practically imperceptible.

We manufacture our mirrors according to customer specifications and in every conceivable shape and size. Whether small or large mirror surfaces, even entire rooms or halls upon request. Square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal, or in a unique round shape.

Circular cutouts can also be quickly and without any loss of quality in the mirror film, for example, for sprinkler systems or lighting.