Create a mesmerizing experience

The areas of application offered by our FLEXMIRROR® are as diverse as this idea. With their minimal weight, brilliance, freedom from distortion and indestructibility, our lightweight mirrors provide you with a wide range of applications that would not be possible with conventional crystal mirrors. Our mirrors open up unprecedented possibilities in the contract sector, fair construction, museums and theatres, and private living areas.


Whether for large art installations, theatre productions, trade fairs, retail stores or, last but not least, private homes. Reflectors create an entirely new sense of space. The space appears larger and brighter and, depending on how the mirror is used, it sets the scene for objects or products or is discreet in the background.

Time and again, renowned international artists use FLEXMIRROR® in projects and mirror famous locations such as the Tate Modern in London or the Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris.

International companies across all sectors present their products at trade fairs with the effect of a distortion-free mirror image and a larger-looking exhibition stand, or make use of the magic of animated images or films behind the FLEXMIRROR® semi-transparent mirror.


Not only do our products feature in architectural, art, or event projects, but they can also be used in the leisure, sports, and therapy sectors. Our customers enjoy the convenient features that come with our lightweight mirrors.

We developed our exceptional products to make mirrors even easier to handle for these practical applications. Therefore, the FLEXMIRROR® is offered as a mobile mirror with castors, as a folding mirror, or as a wall mirror, which can be hung on the wall like a big painting thanks to its minimal weight.

Examples include dance or fitness studios, riding or sports halls, doctors‘ or physiotherapists‘ surgeries. Considering all these references, the economical aspect is of course an important criterion as to what material is used in a project. Thanks to our optimised manufacturing and the lower substructure costs due to its low weight, we are also the better alternative to glass in terms of cost. Regardless of the application you choose or the project you want to implement with our mirrors, our experienced and highly trained team is ready to offer you individual consulting and installation services worldwide, depending on your wishes and the project’s scope.