The FLEXMIRROR® is composed of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a 30 μm thick mirror film stretched by the machine. This is then machined in an independent process – depending on the application area – to produce an almost 100% distortion-free mirror image. We manufacture our mirrors to the customer’s specifications and in any conceivable shape and size. Be it small or large mirror surfaces, if required, even entire rooms or halls. Square, rectangular, triangular, as a polygon, or as a unique round shape. Moreover, we can quickly produce circular cut-outs without any loss of quality in the mirror film, for example, in the case of sprinkler systems or lighting.


The frame is invisible on the finished mirror. It is made of a hollow profile, allowing the optimal fastening solution for the specific location to be attached invisibly. Extensive areas sometimes require multiple mirrors to be placed side by side. The specially designed invisible frame construction allows the blending of several mirrors to be practically imperceptible. Thus, enormous mirror areas can be achieved almost without any visible subdivision.

At only approx. 2 kg per square metre, Flexmirror® is considerably lighter than glass mirrors. This allows our customers to use huge mirror elements with little back construction.

Individual FLEXMIRROR® mirrors come in the following dimensions: Length: from 0.5 m – up to any size. The largest mirror in one piece to date was manufactured for an exhibition at the National Gallery in Berlin, measuring 37 metres in length and 3 metres in width. We will be happy to surpass ourselves for your project. Width: from 0.3 m – up to 3.0 m

Whatever your project requires, we are ready to support you in every phase of the planning process and to assist you in any way we can. Our many years of experience and the excellent properties of our products allow us to implement the most complex and ambitious projects. In this respect, our references speak for themselves. Of course, if desired, we take over the production of the substructures, assembly and installation, provide product training or take over the entire project solution.

We strongly believe in a simple, flexible and cooperative approach toward project management. We can make our experienced team available at any stage of the process to assist you in achieving your vision.



Being the world’s only manufacturer of foil mirrors currently with 16 worldwide production facilities in Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the Middle East and additional mobile production facilities on stand-by that can be shipped anywhere, we provide a solution for almost any mirror requirement worldwide.

And our experienced teams are available almost around the clock, 365 days a year. Support of this kind is highly appreciated by our customers, particularly those who use our products in the event sector, theater or trade fair construction and can rely on us to help whenever they are pressed for time.