Is it possible to attach a mirror foil to the wall?

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Mirror films – the innovative solution to take your store, office or event location to the next level. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about mirror films and why a mirror film on the wall is better than a conventional mirror.

What is mirror film?

Mirror film is an innovative self-adhesive film that has a reflective surface, similar to a conventional mirror.

The FLEXMIRROR® consists of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a 30 μm thick mirror film that is stretched by the machine. This is then processed in an independent process – depending on the application – to produce a mirror image that is almost 100% distortion-free.

We manufacture our mirrors to customer specifications and in every conceivable shape and size. Whether small or large mirror surfaces, even entire rooms or halls on request. Square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal or in a unique round shape. We can also produce circular cut-outs in the mirror film quickly and without any loss of quality, for example for sprinkler systems or lighting.

Our mirror films are available in various sizes and designs, making them easy to adapt to individual needs and interior design preferences.

The advantages of mirror film


Mirror films are extremely versatile and can be used almost anywhere. They are ideal for your office, your store or to make a room look stylish or stand out. They can also be applied to smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and wood.

A mirror film on the wall helps to enlarge a room

One of the most outstanding properties of mirror films is their ability to visually enlarge rooms. By reflecting the light, they create the impression of width and brightness, which is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms.

A mirror film on the wall is easy to apply

Mirror films are easy to apply and do not require professional installation. The self-adhesive backing makes it easy to apply to the desired surface. They can also be removed without leaving any residue or damage.

FLEXMIRROR® is available as a mobile mirror with castors, as a folding mirror or as a wall mirror that can be hung on the wall like a large painting thanks to its light weight.


An outstanding advantage of mirror films is their resistance to breakage. Unlike conventional mirrors, mirror films are made from special materials that make them extremely resistant. If the mirror film is accidentally damaged, it does not shatter into sharp glass splinters, as is the case with conventional mirrors. This minimizes the risk of injury in the event of an accident and ensures greater safety.

Thermal regulation

High-quality mirror films provide effective thermal regulation by reducing the amount of sunlight entering the room. This keeps the interior pleasantly cool, which is particularly beneficial in the hot summer months.

Energy efficient

Thanks to their insulating properties, mirror films help to reduce energy consumption for heating and air conditioning. This results in a lower impact on the environment and lower energy costs.

Why a mirror film on the wall is better than a conventional mirror

The areas of application for our FLEXMIRROR® are as diverse as this idea. With their minimal weight, brilliance, freedom from distortion and indestructibility, our lightweight mirrors offer you a wide range of applications that would not be possible with conventional crystal mirrors. Our mirrors open up unimagined possibilities in the contract sector, in exhibition stand construction, in museums and theaters as well as in private homes.

Weight and thickness

Conventional mirrors are often heavy and require special suspensions. Mirror films, on the other hand, are light and thin, making them easier to install and handle.

Mirror film on the wall – costs

Mirror films are significantly cheaper than conventional mirrors. They offer a cost-effective way to utilize the visual appeal of mirrors without breaking the budget.

Design flexibility

Conventional mirrors often have standardized shapes, while mirror films are available in a variety of sizes and designs. This gives you the freedom to realize your own creative ideas and create unique design elements.

Transportation and shipping

Because mirror films are flat and thin, they are much easier and safer to transport and ship than bulky and fragile conventional mirrors.

Mirror film on the wall – who is it suitable for?

Whether for large art installations, theater productions, trade fairs, retail stores or, last but not least, private homes. Reflectors create a completely new sense of space. The room appears larger and brighter and, depending on how the mirror is used, it sets the scene for objects or products or remains discreetly in the background.

Examples include dance or fitness studios, riding or sports halls, doctors‘ or physiotherapists‘ surgeries. In view of all these references, the economic aspect is naturally an important criterion for deciding which material to use in a project. Thanks to our optimized production and the lower costs for the substructure due to the low weight, we are also the better alternative to glass in terms of costs. Regardless of the application you choose or the project you want to realize with our mirrors, our experienced and well-trained team is ready to offer you individual consulting and installation services worldwide, depending on your wishes and the scope of the project.


Mirror films offer a modern and practical alternative to conventional mirrors. With their versatility, space enhancement, ease of use, safety, thermal regulation and energy efficiency, they are the perfect choice for stylish interior design. Their light weight, cost-effectiveness and flexible design make them an option worth considering for anyone looking for a contemporary solution to their mirror needs. Try mirror films and experience the fascinating world of reflective surfaces!