Interior design for events and stores: tips and tricks



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Design is referred to as a creative activity and is a process aimed at aesthetically pleasing and attractive design of a range of objects, services, and products. Interior design and spatial planning are becoming increasingly important not only in private households but especially in events. In this article, you will learn why spatial design for events is crucial and how you can give your next event the finishing touch.

When organizing an event, the first thing to consider is the design, the concept you want to create, and how this concept will shape the visual and emotional image of the event. Design establishes the guidelines that must be followed in all aspects of the event and determines the decoration, placement of elements, and personnel. It is, so to speak, the foundation that should reflect the message to the participants.

It should ensure that all different elements of the event fit together perfectly and convey coherence. Therein lies the success. And for businesses, good design or spatial planning at an event is important because it reflects their identity and conveys the value of their brand to all participants.

Why Spatial Design is So Important

Well-thought-out spatial design enhances the perception of a room by making it better suited to its purpose. It conveys feelings, allows participants to feel a certain atmosphere, and reflects the identity and values of the company. For example, good design in an office can create a more focused and efficient atmosphere where employees can better concentrate on their work. Thus, events can appear more pleasant, relaxed, serious, or even luxurious through well-structured design.

Tips for Spatial Design for Events and Stores

Colors Influence Our Moods

The psychology of colors is a fascinating topic. Colors can influence people’s moods and the atmosphere of a room. Here, we recommend limiting yourself to a color scheme. Be aware of the type of atmosphere you want to create.

One way to showcase colors is to play with lighting conditions. Spotlights and ambient light are a great way to create a colorful and eye-catching aesthetic, but also to better highlight and emphasize certain things.

Presentation of Food and Drinks

Food is one of the main components of a good event, and care should be taken to indulge all participants with good food. However, not only the food itself plays an important role but also the positioning and presentation of your food because, as we all know, the eye eats too.

Here, it is important to create a clear order and position the food so that it catches the eye of your guests. Position your tables so that they are easy to reach, as well as your drink service. Use the space and ensure that your hungry guests can quickly grab a bite.

Creative Backgrounds

When planning an event, ask yourself the following questions: Who are you, and what message do you want to convey? Your company’s identity and message should be reflected in the design. Take the time to choose colors, images, and texts that stand out.

Using screens, you can better present your brand through images and video content. People are very visual, so it’s important not to skimp on the visual presentation of your brand.

Mirrors as Part of Spatial Design

The use of mirrors is a great way to enhance your interior and make it more luxurious. Mirrors have the incredible property of making a room appear larger. This way, you can make a small event space look bigger. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and you can use them as decoration as well.

The FLEXMIRROR® consists of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a mirror film. It has an almost 100% distortion-free reflection. The frame is invisible on the finished mirror. It consists of a hollow profile so that the optimal mounting solution for the respective location can be invisibly attached. For large areas, it is sometimes necessary to mount several mirrors side by side. The specially developed invisible frame construction makes it possible for the blending of multiple mirrors to be practically imperceptible.

We manufacture our mirrors according to customer specifications and in any conceivable shape and size. Whether small or large mirror surfaces, even entire rooms or halls if desired. Square, rectangular, triangular, polygonal, or in a unique round shape.

We can also quickly and without a loss of quality create circular cutouts in the mirror film, for example, for sprinkler systems or lighting.