The company

Seit nahezu 50 Jahren ist die Welt der Spiegel unsere absolute Leidenschaft. Wahrscheinlich steht gerade deshalb die Marke FLEXMIRROR® ehemals Alluvial® für das größte, klarste, brillanteste und verzerrungsfreiste Spiegelbild der Welt. Dabei ist die oberste Maxime, den Standard nicht nur zu halten, sondern permanent weiterzuentwickeln, um nicht nur dem Qualitätsanspruch unserer Kunden, sondern auch unserem eigenen gerecht zu werden. 


For nearly half a century, mirrors have been our ultimate fascination. It is probably for this very reason that the FLEXMIRROR® brand, formerly Alluvial®, is synonymous with the largest, most transparent, most brilliant and distortion-free mirror image in the world. At the same time, our top priority is to not only maintain the standard, but to continuously refine it to not only meet the demands of our clients in terms of quality, but also to meet our own. 

With our own vaporising and cutting plant, raw material is produced in our main factory near Munich/Germany. We are currently finishing our FLEXMIRROR® products at 16 production sites worldwide. As a result, we are capable of manufacturing FLEXMIRROR® products for our customers in almost any place in the world, with extremely short delivery routes, avoiding the necessity of having to transport the necessary material, equipment and staff around the globe. Should the mirror be too large for a delivery, then our mobile production equipment is available and we simply travel directly to the installation site.

FLEXMIRROR® products have been integrated in international projects for many decades, therefore it was important for us to take responsibility in terms of sustainability as well. Therefore, we try to avoid every superfluous kilometre throughout the entire supply chain and in this way make our contribution to the protection of our environment. 



There’s probably nothing better than seeing a completed customer project so impressive that it takes your breath away? We still feel that way after all these years. That’s why, with each mirror project, we endeavour to give our customers our best possible support and to work with them to find the ideal solution for their project. 

In most cases, the project begins at a very early stage with the conception, dividing of the surfaces and placing of the substructure. It only ends after the installation has been implemented to perfection. 

Our love of the art of installation has often pushed us to the limits of the possible and ultimately allowed us to grow well beyond. We owe special thanks to the artist “Olafur Eliasson” and his team. FLEXMIRROR® would never be where it is today – where the job is more than just a vocation – without Olafur’s visions and projects. 



The steaming and cutting plant in our main factory near Munich/Germany allows us to control the further development of our products ourselves and thus to react to market requirements promptly while maintaining our quality standard at the highest level. This is undoubtedly one of the unique selling points of FLEXMIRROR®.

We have succeeded, for example, in developing a range of certified acoustic mirrors.  We aimed to create a more eye-catching alternative to mostly unsightly acoustic ceilings. Corresponding to the mirror construction, our FLEXMIRROR® Acoustic can be obtained in the acoustic classes A,B and C.

Ensuring our products meet the safety requirements of international building authorities, FLEXMIRROR is certified in compliance with the European fire safety standard and the American UL standard.

Product Sustainability is a major goal of our research as well. Thus, individual components of the FLEXMIRROR® film have been REACH-certified and are 100% recyclable. 

At our research department near Munich, our technicians are continuously researching new ways to design more durable mirrors and present new variants to the market.