Lightweight  x  Flexible sizes  x  Break resistant

Our mirror film in detail

We transform rooms from 40 square meters into artistic

masterpieces with our unique mirror foil designs.

We transform rooms from 40 square meters into artistic masterpieces with our unique mirror foil designs.

up to 98%

Absolute break resistance

Extreme sizes and flexible shapes

Minimal installation effort

Low weight

Distortion-free reflection

Simplest substructures

About Us

The FLEXMIRROR® is composed of a self-supporting aluminum frame covered with a 30 μm thick mirror film stretched by the machine. This is then machined in an independent process – depending on the application area – to produce an almost 100% distortion-free mirror image. We manufacture our mirrors to the customer’s specifications and in any conceivable shape and size. Be it small or large mirror surfaces, if required, even entire rooms or halls. Square, rectangular, triangular, as a polygon, or as a unique round shape. Moreover, we can quickly produce circular cut-outs without any loss of quality in the mirror film, for example, in the case of sprinkler systems or lighting.




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