The FLEXMIRROR® SUPERBRILLANT stands for our mirror for professional use. We produce to measure up to a maximum of 3.2 metres in length and any shape and length you wish. We steam-coat pure aluminium in a high vacuum in our in-house vapour deposition plant to create a perfectly homogeneous mirror surface. 

The FLEXMIRROR® SUPERBRILLANT is also perfectly distortion-free and dimensionally stable in use as a ceiling element. Depending on the size of the mirror, even very large surfaces can be easily realised with the use of hollow chamber frame profiles of 25 or 40 mm. A specific heating technique has been developed by our technicians that heats the foil up to 600 degrees Celsius, causing the FLEXMIRROR to expand to an extremely high degree. This creates a distortion-free mirror image, which keeps its brilliance even in ceiling installations, even over the years.